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CST is beneficial for all babies after birth. It is an effective therapy to address difficulty with breastfeeding, tongue tie, torticollis, reflux, colic, plagiocephaly and more. CST is a light touch therapy and is safe for infants and everyone. Babies love craniosacral therapy.

Kids and Teens

As kids learn to live in their bodies CST can help during times of frustration and difficulty at different developmental stages. It is an effective therapy to help alleviate frustration in toddlers. CST is also effective at addressing sensory, behavior and emotional difficulties for kids and teens.

Post Partum Mamas

The most important time for mamas to receive bodywork is after giving birth. CST helps with connecting with your body, relieving pain and stiffness, and healing your pelvis. CST is also effective for recovery of C-sections. Home visits are available for you and your baby.

Chronic Pain & Illness

Craniosacral therapy in extremely effective in decreasing pain and alleviating symptoms of long term pain and illness.

Emotional Release and Trauma

If you have experienced trauma recently or a long time ago, Craniosacral therapy can help integrate that energy and create space in your life for joy, love and satisfaction.

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Co-Creating with Your Nervous System

After working in the ‘system’ for several years I yearned to find what actually worked for kids and families.  I searched and searched and found Craniosacral therapy. CST works, I have experienced the results over and over again in the past 10 years with infants, kids, teens, and adults (dogs too).  Now I have dedicated myself to sharing it with the world.

Clients Are Saying...

“I came to see Jacquelyn for pain relief. I always feel very deep structural releases from the work that Jacquelyn does. I usually feel a deep feeling of balance and relief after each session. Jacquelyn has an amazing gift that allows her to intuitively know what will be most supportive for her client during a session.”

Hilary D

“Our birth did not go as expected. It was rough and then my son wouldn’t latch. My husband and I were still in shock and didn’t know what to do. Our doula recommended Jacquelyn for infant cransiosacral therapy. We didn’t know what that was but we were willing to do whatever it took to get our son to breastfeed. We were dedicated to breastfeeding. Jacquelyn came to our house the next day and within 10 minutes our son was latching. We were all amazed, my skeptical mom was there too, and she was moved. Our son had a cranial nerve restriction and after Jacquelyn released it he was ready to latch and feed. We can’t recommend Jacquelyn enough, we are believers in Craniosacral therapy and Jacquelyn.”

Olivia, New Mom

“Sessions with Jacquelyn are all I expect and more. She establishes a peaceful, calm and relaxing atmosphere. Jacquelyn works magic with her hands; she knows the body well. She integrates her knowledge of where we emotionally hold pain with her technical bodywork skills. Jacquelyn is able to teach about the body and what she is doing with ideas of how to incorporate a more holistic approach to life to keep the benefit from the bodywork for a longer term.

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