Exploring Your Akashic Temple

Exploring Your Akashic Temple

Akashic Temple Journeys


Since I began working with past lives and the akashic records 28 years ago, a lot has changed and has been discovered.


Yes, the akashic records can be a library of everything that your soul has experienced since it decided to separate from source, Unity, God, ether, etc., and it is so much more.  Souls decide to separate and incarnate so that they can experience, grow and evolve. Our souls have created and designed our own akashic temples, and we can visit them whenever we choose.


Each soul’s akashic temple is different, however there are many themes, or commonalities in everyone’s records.  Everyone has a signpost, some type of indicator that the door to your records is near, with gatekeepers. The term ‘signpost’ is a general term that I use to describe the door indicator, it is not always an actual sign.  Sometimes it is a tree, or a rock, a bridge or an object, and sometimes it is an actual sign post, although you are the only one that is able to recognize it. Which is why I no longer do Akashic record ‘readings’ because you are truly the only one that is able to recognize your signpost and your door.  

 Everyone’s door is intricately different, elaborately simple and elaborately complicated. It does not usually present as a typical door, it can be a tree, a hole next to a tree, a cave, a river, a bridge, a rock, a path that takes you through an invisible door, a ladder, a space between two specifically arranged rocks, or a fire. The options are endless and extremely beautifully created.  

Once I help you discover your signpost and your door we then enter into your temple. I see myself as a guide, a way shower, a ferryman; I guide you through the energetics of your Akashic temple so that you can know your soul more deeply, and can feel empowered to visit your temple whenever you feel the call.  

Exploring the Akashic records in this way is much more in depth and a more powerful way to access your soul’s truth. In the past, I feel that the information that others were able to interpret for you is somewhat superficial and can be skewed depending on the experiences of the reader and how they were taught.  


While I have studied with a few people in the records and with past lives and over the years I have developed my own process of exploring your entire Akashic Temple and not just the records or the library. This method has come through my own experiences and my experiences working with about a thousand people at this point.  My method has evolved over the last 28 – 47 years. The last 28 years I have been more conscious of the process, previous to that I was not as conscious, however now I know that I was working with these energies since I was born. 


I have always known the stories that were floating in someone’s energy field.  I could see them, feel them, and know them to be true. As a young child it scared the adults that I ‘knew’ things, I would just say what I felt and saw and it did not go over well with a lot of people, especially my mother.  I’ve struggled with knowing my truth because no one around me was able to reflect my truth back to me because they did not understand it, and because as a child I did not understand how to help other people understand what I was seeing and feeling.  They just thought it was weird and scary.


Over the last 28 years I have learned that the story that I reflect back to people, whether it be about past lives, the akashic temple information, or a current situation that they are dealing with, may not be a literal truth story but it is a story that they need to hear, to feel and to integrate to be able to move past a situation in their lives.  That is very difficult for many people to understand. It’s like a myth, it is a story that helps us solve a dilemma, or create a change, or to accept something in our lives. It is something that we need to hear. And also truth changes, but that is another topic of conversation.


So, I feel that in the past many people have been able to access info from the records but have not been able to explore in depth the entirety of your akashic temple.


Your Akashic temple is a very large space, ever growing, ever expanding, ever evolving space that is created by your soul for you.  It has everything that you need to get what you want. While each temple is different, there are some commonalities is the type of rooms and their purposes. 


We have already discussed the signpost and the door, once you enter the door there can be many options.  If this is the first time in your temple I suggest we look for one of 3 rooms. The actual records room, a healing space (your temple usually has several), or your reflecting pool.  There are many more rooms, however I have found that these three are the easiest to find on your first exploration.  


I use guided visualization and breathing practices to help guide people to and through their Akashic temple. Everyone is different and needs different types of assistance in finding and exploring. I have highly honed energetic skills that make it easier for people to feel comfortable and able to find and enter their records, and to be able to come back on their own next time.  I help with recognizing energies when they pop up, and help you to face these energies and spend time with them so that you can receive the knowledge and wisdom that you are seeking. Then I help you explore some more and deal with everything that pops up, and then help with integration and developing skills to help you return to your temple regularly.

 It is a wild ride, it can be very fun, exciting, scary, difficult, ugly, life changing, the most exquisitely beautiful thing you have ever seen, you will see/feel things you have never experienced before, and feel deeply validated in the truths that you already know. While it is beneficial for you to have some experience with meditating, visualizing, and energy work it is not necessary to have those things if you are interested in exploring your temple.  I can help any one, one step at a time.   

I feel that exploring your Akashic Temple is an important step on anyone’s spiritual path.  It is not the only path, nor is it the best path, it is a path that I have worked with for decades and am passionate about sharing it with anyone who feels called.  I will continue to share my knowledge, wisdom and experiences with the world and help all that I come in contact with. If you feel that call give me a call.  

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