Do you feel that sometimes you time travel? Do you feel like you have gone somewhere but don’t know where? Do you experience glitches in your time line?

Welcome to Time Travel 101

Why is it Important to Time Travel?

Time travel is an art and a science. It is not about actually traveling through time but putting yourself in a position that your energy

Learn how to assess the need to time travel

CST is a framework, the real work comes from your embodied practice. We will spend much of our time being present and aware in this work, so when you leave you will be ready to bring this work out into the world.

Learn TEchniques for Time travel

By truly embodying this work and having the support from me you will have the confidence needed to expand your Craniosacral practice and deeply help your clients and yourself. Class will be limited to 6 people.

Learn to Balance Time travel with your Physical Life

What we learn in the class can be all the CST training you would need to help all of the clients that show up for you. These are the foundation tools, everything else is icing. While you can study CST for a lifetime, these tools you will use for all of your clients.

You will learn:

  • several assessment tools
  • basic Craniosacral treatment tools
  • basic unwinding tools
  • signs of release
  • energetic boundaries
  • how to discuss this work with clients
  • how to care for yourself doing this work – not becoming addicted


Location & Cost: Video Conference via Zoom

You will receive directions on how to connect to Zoom once you are accepted into the program. For the 5 week class the cost is $172.  There is also a two pay option.  We will meet on video once a week, at that time you will have opportunities to ask questions. We will also have a facebook group where we can connect and ask questions.

Dates and Time: Every Tuesday, Jan 28 - Feb 25th, 2020

Classes will be held every Tuesday at 5:30 pm Pacific/8:30 pm Eastern time.  Each class will last about 60-90 minutes depending on questions.  Each class will consist of a lesson, practice, and time for questions. 


Craniosacral Therapy is my passion.  I have spent 25 years looking for tools that work to help kids and adults living with pain to live a life that they desire.  CST is one of those things.  I have been practicing CST for 10 years and have been teaching it for 2 years. I have studied with Carol Gray for 10 years, and am a teaching assistant for her. I have advanced training in Infant, pregnancy and post-partum, emotional release, and general Craniosacral therapy. I also have my Masters degree in Teaching, and am passionate about teaching in a way that works best for you.  I am thrilled to share this with all who are called. 

Jacquelyn Cora, MS, LMT

Are You Ready to Dive Into Time Travel?

Since this is a more advanced energy work class there is an application process.  If you are interested in joining this program please fill out the application below.