Exploring Your Akashic Temple

Since I began working with past lives and the Akashic records 28 years ago, a lot has changed and has been discovered.Yes, the Akashic records can be a library of everything that your soul has experienced since it decided to separate from source, Unity, God, ether, etc., and it is so much more.

Souls decide to separate and incarnate so that they can experience, grow and evolve. Our souls have created and designed our own Akashic Temples, and we can visit them whenever we choose.

Each soul’s Akashic Temple is different, however there are many themes, or commonalities in everyone’s records. Everyone has a signpost, some type of indicator that the door to your records is near, with gatekeepers. The term ‘signpost’ is a general term that I use to describe the door indicator, it is not always an actual sign. Sometimes it is a tree, or a rock, a bridge or an object, and sometimes it is an actual sign post, although you are the only one that is able to recognize it. Which is why I no longer do Akashic record ‘readings’ because you are truly the only one that is able to recognize your signpost and your door.

Everyone’s door is intricately different, elaborately simple and complicated. It does not usually present as a typical door, it can be a tree, a hole next to a tree, a cave, a river, a bridge, a rock, a path that takes you through an invisible door, a ladder, a space between two specifically arranged rocks, or a fire. The options are endless and extremely beautifully created.

Once I help you discover your signpost and your door we then enter into your temple. I see myself as a guide, a way shower, a ferryman; I guide you through the energetics of your Akashic Temple so that you can know your soul more deeply, and can feel empowered to visit your temple whenever you feel the call.

It is a wild ride, it can be very fun, exciting, scary, difficult, ugly, life changing, the most exquisitely beautiful thing you have ever seen, you will see/feel things you have never experienced before, and feel deeply validated in the truths that you already know. While it is beneficial for you to have some experience with meditating, visualizing, and energy work it is not necessary to have those things if you are interested in exploring your temple. I can help any one, one step at a time.

I feel that exploring your Akashic Temple is an important step on anyone’s spiritual path. It is not the only path, nor is it the best path, it is a path that I have worked with for decades and am passionate about sharing it with anyone who feels called. I will continue to share my knowledge, wisdom and experiences with the world and help all that I come in contact with. If you feel that call give me a call. 

Want a taste of what a journey is like?

Purchase a recorded Akashic Journey Session. This is a 60 minute recording of a journey that you can do on your own. 

It is an easy way to experience a journey if you aren’t sure about purchasing a package or a single journey.

The cost is $28

Journey Details:

Each journey takes place on the phone, I do in person sessions in Portland, OR. The session takes up to 2 hours, and will be recorded. You need to be in a space that is comfortable and where you won't be disturbed.


The cost for the journey is $300 and includes a 30-minute follow up phone session to be scheduled within 5 weeks. Packages also available see below.

The Akashic Temple and Body Temple Package

Dive Deeper

Doing an Akashic Temple journey is a great way to learn about these energies and how it can help you create the life that you desire. If you desire to dive deeper into these energies consider doing an ongoing exploration with me.  This package includes 5 journeys.  You will meet twice a month for 2 months to explore your Akashic Temple and your Body Temple (read about Body Temple below). Each journey is up to 2 hours and you will be able to receive email or text support from me through out our time together.  

For the last session I usually wait about a month after the first four sessions so that you have time to explore yourself and live life with the wisdom that you have received.  I feel that this gives you a greater perspective on this work and energies and a greater chance of creating change in your life.

The cost of this package is $875 – payment plans available – please contact me to schedule.

package Payment Plans

Once you make your first payment you will receive an email within 24 hours to schedule your first session. 

If you would like to have a 20 phone consult with me schedule below.


1 payment


2 payments
30 days apart


3 payments
30 days apart

Your body also has a type of Akashic records, or as I like to call them The Akashic Temples. In the Body Temple you can explore information about your ancestors, your DNA, your health, and all that has happened to your body since you were conceived. You can also receive healing and integration of your ancestral line, your DNA and your current health and wellness, including mental health.
If you don’t know what the Akashic records are, they are an energetic record of all that your soul has experienced since you decided to become separate from source, and incarnate as an individual soul. This includes past lives, lives in other dimensions, your current life, your intentions for each of your incarnations, and answers to any and all questions you may have.
In the Body Temple we can explore ancestral energies, ideals, and desires. We can also explore your DNA; we can energetically heal and integrate any unaligned energies coming through your ancestral lineage and your DNA.
Once you find your Akashic Temple then you can find your Body Temple usually underground. The Body Temple is more about images and objects instead of words. The Body Temple helps us to interpret the feelings and sensations in our body and mind.
Exploring your Body Temple can give you great insight into physical and mental patterns that are not serving you, help you align with your purpose and strengths, and heal and integrate any unaligned ancestral energies. You can discover your heartsong, your bodies deepest desires for experiences, and so much more.

The Body Temple is where we discover what burdens or torches we carry for our ancestors. In the past several years it has become very clear that the old way of doing things, especially energetically, is no longer working. We need to bring our awareness to all areas of our beings, so we can let go of the heaviness that we may be carrying around from our ancestors.

Things like contracts and promises are no longer techniques that work for spiritual or energetic expansion and learning. Those old ways of trying to create change in our lineage do not work, and they are holding us back.  It is time to cut off those outdated energies and upgrade our energy systems with the new operating system that is more effective and efficient.

By using the Body Temple explorations we can discover these outdated systems that may be running in your body and energy, which includes your mind, and transform that energy into the new more effective operating systems.


This can be a difficult process if there is an inheritance of trauma in your lineage.  However, if you are reading this and are looking for solutions to give you the life that you desire, I say that the difficulty is worth it. 


I have been exploring the inheritance of trauma for almost 3 decades with myself and with others. It is painful, scary, and it can bring up things that you have suppressed for years. It can help you distinguish between what is your pain and trauma, and what pain and trauma that you inherited. 


Our bodies have their own innate wisdom and memory.  Our bodies have the answers to many of our questions, however, they are not always in words or able to be retrieved by methods that we already know. Our body memories are not like our mental memories and we have to learn new ways of communicating so that we can access our body’s memories and wisdom.  


The Body Temple framework gives us the structure to begin to learn the language of our body and use that knowledge to create the life that we desire. 


Frequently asked questions

Single journeys are great if you aren’t sure about this work and want to experience it.  

I believe to truly create change in your life it is necessary to do at least 5 journeys.  By doing multiple journeys you will begin to gain confidence in the information and wisdom that you are receiving.  You will see patterns, and validate truths on a deeper soul level, as well as on a cellular level. 

Its also less expensive to purchase a package.  If you decide that you want to choose a package after a single session I will prorate your package price as long as you decide within a week of your first journey. 

If you are interested in learning to guide Akashic and Body Temple sessions this package is the first step in that training. 

I do have a training program available.  The 5 journey package is the first step of that training.  Please contact me for more information on being trained.

I do not give refunds. This is a journey and once you start this journey I will support that decision fiercely.  This work is not always easy and sometimes you need someone to stand up for you to stay on your journey to the end.  I am holding that space for all that decide to take this journey.