All types of shapeshifting beings are welcome here.  

This is where you will receive support in embodying the wholeness of your multidimensional metamorphic self.  

We see you.

We hold out our arms to you.  

If you are not comprehending these words, and you are feeling a strong knowing, sensation, or attraction you are meant to be here.  

If you were not a metamorph you would not be able to read, or hear these words, they would seem like gibberish, and your brain would move on with no memory of the event.  


Shapeshifter carrying her army on her back photo by

With each step towards Haven, a part of your Self will greet you.  Each step you will recall the truth of your wholeness.  

There has been an enslavement of the shapeshifters.  Something happened where we were convinced that we were not what we are.  I can see it more clearly now than ever.  I am here in this space of expansive jungle like eden, alive.

I can breathe with my entire multidimensional self.  

(Inhale expand)

I can breathe the Universe.

Metamorphs have a far sightedness that extends beyond what we can see with our eyes. We have the ability to see with our expansive feeling, experiencing, empathetic abilities.  

Many times I have seen us as beings of light that have very long, thin filaments that reach out from a body like structure, into the multiverse, like angel wings made up of millions of iridescent filaments.  

We look as large white birds, large like dinosaurs, we are iridescent, graceful, and larger than planets. We can reach into the whole of existence.  We can shape and perceive all, and can struggle with our individual identity when we are in certain shapes and places.  

I am not sure what happened exactly, and/or if we have chosen to be in this space and shape.  I know that we are knowing ourselves more as metamorphs, beginning to understand the truth in the wholeness and largeness of our existence.  

I do know that it is time for us to morph into our wholeness.

I feel the guards and the bondage devices falling away with each step, with each breath.

My pelvic bowl fills with the embodiment of truth.  

I am a metamorph.  

We will support and guide you into facing the fear of living with and without form.

There will be a morphing of the physical body.  

We will guide and support you to understand the nature and form of the metamorph body. 

There can be a conscious awakening into self as a complete wholeness without the need for the body to die, or to continue to live in a trauma state.

Your Wholeness is Welcome Here

The Journey

If you feel called, come join us on this journey of understanding and embodying the nature and form of the entirety of the Shapeshifter self.

Phases towards wholeness:

The power of the Embodied Embryo 

the embryo as the connection to our wholeness and wellness

embryo as a bridge to our multidimensional selves

embryo as a pathway home


Living in Shifting Polarities

Understanding and embodying polarities

Understanding what the shift is 

Techniques on finding your horizon and ground in a shifting world


The nature of shapeshifting formlessness and the connection to self…

knowing self as shapeshifter


active stillpoint/try not try

staying strong in a morphing body, not draining or living in chronic trauma

time travel

Limbic resonance

Living and connection with others

Your role as a shapeshifting being in our current experience

co-regulation and building community 


You will learn and explore…

-How to access each stages implicit memories

-How to bring non-judgement to each stage

-How to develop a more aware and communicative relationship with the body and subconscious mind 

-How to integrate all of this energy into your current awareness and use it to create the life that you desire

This is powerful work and I have been helping many people uncover the ‘pea under the mattress’. Many people feel like they kind of know that something was unsettling for them in their early development, but did not have the awareness, language or tools around how to integrate these feelings. 

Integration is key when we are doing energy work.  Just uncovering memories, experiences or trauma is not effective, we have to integrate all of our experiences into awareness and wisdom that will fuel your journey and assist you in creating the life you desire. 

I have spent the last 20+ years developing these integration skills and am passionate about sharing these techniques with you and the world. 

Sessions are $175 if you purchase a single session.  For an all 5 session package it is $800, if purchasing package schedule your first session and then we will schedule the rest after that.  

If you have more questions and would like to talk schedule a consult call with the button below.