Tele Craniosacral Sessions

At this time I am offering remote craniosacral sessions via telephone. These sessions have been as powerful as in-person sessions for the energies that we are currently experiencing in our World. 

I am able to communicate with your body through energy, words and the intention of my hands.  I will speak to your nervous system to address its needs and give it support in feeling safe and relaxed.  In this safety and relaxation, your nervous system will reorganize and begin to thrive. 

I may also give you some movement practices to continue the work after the session.  The work that we do on the phone will continue to create space and relaxation for your nervous system for days after the session.

The sessions will be recorded so that you can experience the session again if you desire.  I suggest that you lie down in a comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed for an hour.  I find that having some light, relaxing music is helpful, as well as a candle and/or aromatherapy.

The sessions last 75-90 minutes, if you can’t find a time that works on the schedule contact me. 

session is $175