The Mother Wound – The feeling that you never find anyone that fully understands you or accepts you, you aren’t sure if you understand you, and you are up and down on how you accept yourself.  

You have difficulty with staying in relationships, or your relationship is unsatisfying and you blame everyone for the problems in your life.  

You continue to try to understand why your mother doesn’t get you, competes with you, sabotages you, holds you down. You’re supposed to love your mother, your mother is supposed to love you, unconditionally.

But what if that didn’t happen?

It doesn’t have to be your mother’s fault or your fault.  If your mother was not able to be present, loving, supportive when you were born and/or during your early childhood you have a mother wound.  Some people can have mother wounds from a mother who had mental or emotional illness, a mother who suffered through childhood abuse, a mother experiencing post partum depression, a mother dealing with addiction or an abusive relationship, or having their mothers die at a young age.

Anyone who didn’t have their needs met fully as a infant or in early childhood probably has a mother wound (unless they have done therapy to help).  Their nervous system never fully felt secure and was able to trust people to meet their needs. This may be why you have difficulty with relationships, why you have difficulty trusting or believing people, why you have a lot of anger, confusion, guilt and doubt.  

In the first 3 months of life is when our nervous systems develop the sense of attachment and security.  Its the time when we learn if the people around us will take care of us, and what our nervous system needs to do to get its needs met.  There is a lot of research about attachment theory and nervous system development if you want to know more details ( I will teach some in the 7 day healing journey – more details below).

In terms of what I want to help you with is to learn how identify your mother wound, how to work with the nervous system to heal the wound, and then how to integrate that energy into creating the life that you desire. Not a life dictated by your emotional pain and your lack of support and care as an infant.  Yes, you don’t have to blame your mother or yourself, you only need to acknowledge how you feel and what your deep truth truly is.  

Yes, your mother may not have had the skills to appropriately help the development of your nervous system, and there were probably great reasons for this, however you can have the skills needed to do that work now.  

I am offering a mother wound healing container for 7 days.  It’s $15, you will receive the 7 days of recordings and you can join the facebook group, its a private group so no one can see that you are in it, except the others in the group.

I will take you through practices to identify your mother wound and begin to rebuild your nervous system so you can have a life with a secure attachment and a properly functioning nervous system. We will do visualizations, emotional processing and some movement.  

This is an introduction to this work and you will receive a few practices that will help you to begin the journey of healing your mother wound.