All types of shapeshifting beings are welcome here This is where you will receive support in embodying the wholeness of your multidimensional metamorphic self We see you We hold out our arms to you If you are not comprehending these words, and you are feeling a strong knowing, sensation or attraction you are meant to be here. If you were not a metamorph you would not be able to read or hear these words, they would seem like gibberish, and your brain would move on with no memory of the event.

With each step towards Haven, a part of your Self will greet you. Each step you will recall the truth of your wholeness. There has been an enslavement of the shapeshifters. Something happened where we were convinced that we were not what we are. I can see it more clearly now than ever. I am here in this space of expansive jungle like eden, alive, I can breathe with my entire multidimensional self. (Inhale expand) I can breathe the Universe. Metamorphs have a far sightedness that extends beyond what we can see with our eyes. We have the ability to see with our expansive feeling, experiencing, empathetic abilities. Many times I have see us as beings of light that have very long, thin filaments that reach out from a body like structure, into the multiverse, like angel wings made up of millions of these iridescent filaments. We look as large white birds, large like dinosaurs, we are iridescent, graceful, and larger than planets. We can reach into the whole of existence. We can shape and perceive all, and can struggle with our individual identity when we are in certain shapes and places. I am not sure what happened exactly, and or if we have chosen to be in this space and shape. I know that we are knowing ourselves more as metamorphs, beginning to understand the truth in the wholeness and largeness of our existence. I do know that it is time for us to morph into our wholeness. (This is connected to the embryo) I feel the guards and the bondage devices falling away with each step, with each breath. My pelvic bowl fills with the embodiment of truth. I am a metamorph.

It may seem difficult to see how doing bodywork remotely can actually work. I am here to tell you that it is possible.

It is possible to continue doing your type of bodywork remotely. It will take some adjustments, some creative thinking and continued passion for your work.

Starts Tuesday 9/15/2020 10:00 am Pacific/1:00 pm Eastern time, times can be flexible once we get a group together

Each class will be approximately 75 minutes a week for 8 weeks, either on the phone or video

Weekly email support around assignments and practices

Classes will be delivered by phone and video, so that I may model both delivery options

Receive individual calls with me 2 - 30 minute phone sessions with me in the first 4 weeks, and then 1 more in the last 2 weeks

12 CE hours for LMTs in WA & OR with 2.5 hours of ethics. Other states need to determine CE regs.

Week 1-3

In the first 3 weeks we will be working to translate your hands-on practice to a remote practice.  By clearly defining what your unique bodywork style is, and what you want it to be currently, we can begin to develop your new remote therapy offering.  This is an exciting opportunity to develop a new practice for yourself, to reinvigorate what you offer and to deepen your passion for your work. We will also look at any resistance that you may have about offering remote work, yes this class will also work on your energy around shifting your practice.  It’s going to be fun.

week 4-5

In week 4-5 we will discuss and explore boundaries, ethics, and communication around working remotely. While working remotely with words and energy you will probably be getting more into emotional release and integration, which may be a change from what you are doing now.  We will also discuss privacy laws and intake forms, depending on your licensure. These 2 weeks can be put towards your LMT CE requirements for 4 hours of ethics.

Week 6-8

Week 6-8 you will be putting your new modality into practice and fine tuning as you go.  During these weeks you will be doing more practice sessions and I will be guiding and supporting you as you ground your new practice into your body and into your daily work life.  We will discuss technical issues and tools for doing phone and/or video sessions.  Also best practices for you for working from home, including self care.

Classes will be very practice oriented, not much lecturing. I will be teaching using energy and movement practices, as well as specific techniques and how to explain your new practice to your clients.  You will also have some assignments/practices to complete weekly, taking an hour or 2 per week.

At the end of this class you should be able to:

  • Clearly define what you are remotely offering with passion and excitement
  • Feel that your new offering works and is beneficial to your clients
  • Know how to set boundaries for yourself and your clients remotely and understand the line between emotional release/integration work vs mental health therapy
  • Feel confident about your ability to meet your clients needs remotely as well as to continue to fine tune your offering as you go
  • Feel grounded and confident in your new work environment


CE’s available for LMTs in WA and OR, if you are from another state let me know and I can look up the regulations around CE.  This class will technically be two classes 9.5 hours of somatic education and business practices, and 2.5 hours of ethics, boundaries, and communication.

The cost for this class is $600, if you are interested please fill out the application so that I may determine if this course is the right fit for you.  Then I will send you an email with next steps.  Payment plans available if needed. 

I look forward to guiding you on this journey.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, I am open to payment plans.  Please email me for more information.

Yes, for WA and OR LMTs you will receive 12 CE hours. This class will technically be two classes 9.5 hours of somatic education and business practices, and 2.5 hours of ethics, boundaries, and communication.

I do not give refunds. This is a journey and once you start this journey I will support that decision fiercely.  This work is not always easy and sometimes you need someone to stand up for you to stay on your journey to the end.