It is time to begin your journey to your life of satisfaction. I want to help you feel expressed, embodied and satisfied.
How does that feel in your body?
What is coming up for you when you hear that?
You will know if that is a ‘YES’ for you.

I will take you through a 33 day journey to rebuilding trust with your nervous system.

Building trust works both ways - you have to trust, and your nervous system needs to trust you too. It has been a long tumultuous relationship between the two of you if you have lived with pain, illness, anxiety, depression, frustration, trauma, ongoing issues with relationships, anything that leaves you feeling sad and unsatisfied.

I will be teaching you how to diversify your nervous system’s responses to triggers by practicing techniques that I have developed over the last 25 years, every day for 33 days and beyond. We will be doing yoga, emotional processing, movement, self craniosacral therapy, chanting, face yoga, meditating, mirror meditation, visceral awareness, and more. It's ok if you don’t know what some of those things are, I will teach you in a very easy, soothing, and nurturing way


You can start any time you feel you need some soothing and loving for your nervous system. 33 days feels like such a soothing number to my nervous system.
Originally this journey was created to support people up to Thanksgiving, however you can start any time.


You will receive via email and on FB a video or audio recording every Sunday-Thursday. You will have Friday and Saturday to catch up if you were not able to complete each day’s activities. Each video/audio will be 5-20 minutes. That’s it. You can do more practice if you feel it, but it is not necessary.

I will take you through each step with clarity, support, ease and whatever else your nervous system needs on each day. I got you and your nervous system for these 33 days.

Week 1 - Soothe

We will focus on soothing your nervous system, so that it can be ready for the slow changes that we will be initiating. We will be focusing on the diaphragm and psoas, 2 of the most important muscles used to communicate with your nervous system. Nothing else can happen to create change in your life until your nervous system is feeling soothed, heard and seen.

week 2 - strengthen

We will begin to strengthen the foundation in your body, work on nervous system friendly goal setting, and practice compassion for your nervous system.

Week 3 - explore

Is when we get a little hot, after soothing and strengthening we will be ready to take on some small triggers, traumas, pain and embrace them with love, ease, and support. We will also explore grief in our bodies which is usually a big trigger for our nervous systems.

Week 4 - integrate

We will work on balancing all of the activities and information that we have learned, as well as work on physical balance. We will focus on how all of this will increase the productive behaviors in our lives, so that we can create the life that we desire. And we will be ready to face life with strength, and a powerful diversified tool kit to create what we want.

Week 5 - Create

Is when we put it all together.  Take everything that you have learned and experienced to create the behaviors and opportunities for yourself to have the life that you desire.  

Choose the perfect
amount of support for you

Whatever level of support you feel that you need, you will receive the tools necessary to diversify the reactions of your nervous system. You will then be able to begin to create the life of your dreams. Yes, nervous system it is possible, and we will take it slowly and have plenty of time for soothing, strengthening and support.




Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can ask questions in the Facebook group and on the weekly group calls. The group calls will be on a different day each week so that everyone will have an opportunity to make it no matter what time zone you are in.

Depending on the level of pain, stress, trauma, etc. you are experiencing, 1:1 coaching can be extremely beneficial to your healing process.  While you do have the opportunity to ask questions and receive support in the FB group and on the group calls, you will receive more specific, direct and individualized support in the 1:1 coaching calls.  It is up to you and your nervous system on how much support you desire.

I do not give refunds. This is a journey and once you start this journey I will support that decision fiercely.  This work is not always easy and sometimes you need someone to stand up for you to stay on your journey to the end.  Its only 33 days so it won’t take that long, and I will be there guiding you and cheering you on.