Birth Memory Integration Sessions

Your body remembers the moment of your conception,
and it remembers all of the experiences that you have had in your life,
even if your conscious brain does not.

The experiences of your past do affect your current life,
and in this time we have the energy and support
to integrate those experiences into our consciousness awareness
to be present with ourselves in wholeness.

This is a powerful opportunity for healing and embracing all of your power.

Over the last 20 years I have developed techniques to help us all do this.
Is it difficult for you to finish projects?
Do you crave deep exploration?
Do you experience difficulty in relationships?
Do you feel like your timing is often off,
and you have difficulty scheduling activities with friends and family?
Are you experiencing anxiety, chronic pain or illness?
Do you just feel like something happened while you were a baby

and just can't put your finger on it?

These are some of the symptoms of a traumatic or difficult birth, prenatal and perinatal period.

How Does it Work?

Implicit, or non verbal, memory is memory that we don’t have words for, it is memory that is stored as feelings, movements and sensations in our bodies, including our minds. Implicit memory can be stored in any part of our body.
I have defined 4 stages of implicit memory. These stages are very general and not meant to be used as an absolute.


1:1 sessions take place either on the phone or in person. I take you through each of the 4 phases using visualization, sensory and visceral exploration, breath and movement. 1 phase per session with a least a week of integration time in between each session, and 1 last session for a fuller integration. This last session can be longer than a week out depending on what feels right. You can start out with one session and go from there. Or dive in and commit to all five sessions. Start with what feels the best for you.

Some of the topics we will explore in each stage:


your decision to be born, 

your decision to choose specific parents, families and communities, 

your mother’s and father’s state of body, mind, and soul, 

Intergenerational experiences,

and the physical environment you are born into…

Conception and Prenatal…

your true feelings of being born, 

your mother’s feelings when she finds out she is pregnant, 

the feelings of your father, family and your community,

The in-utero environment, physical space, nourishment, and growth processes…


your birth process, primal reflexes, breastfeeding,

entrance to your life, to the world, your reception, 

living situation with family, health, energy, eating, 

autonomic nervous system development and attachment, 

developmental processes…

Movement, Crawling, Toddling…

beginning to have a sense of self, 

stability, mobility, balance, and confidence, 

safety, exploring, and attachment,

expressing self effectively, forming,

recovering from falls…


You will learn and explore…

-How to access each stages implicit memories

-How to bring non-judgement to each stage

-How to develop a more aware and communicative relationship with the body and subconscious mind 

-How to integrate all of this energy into your current awareness and use it to create the life that you desire

This is powerful work and I have been helping many people uncover the ‘pea under the mattress’. Many people feel like they kind of know that something was unsettling for them in their early development, but did not have the awareness, language or tools around how to integrate these feelings. 

Integration is key when we are doing energy work.  Just uncovering memories, experiences or trauma is not effective, we have to integrate all of our experiences into awareness and wisdom that will fuel your journey and assist you in creating the life you desire. 

I have spent the last 20+ years developing these integration skills and am passionate about sharing these techniques with you and the world. 

Sessions are $175 if you purchase a single session.  For an all 5 session package it is $800, if purchasing package schedule your first session and then we will schedule the rest after that.  

If you have more questions and would like to talk schedule a consult call with the button below.


Conception - Just before contractions start

Birth - 4/5 months

4/5 Months - First Memories