About Me

Jacquelyn Cora Pannullo, MS, LMT

  • Craniosacral Therapist
  • Behavior Learning Specialist
  • Pediatric Massage Therapist

OR LMT #16525, WA LMT MA60778969

I will listen to your dream, I will dream your dream with you, Together we will feed and water this dream without judgement or limitations. I will stand with you as you live your truth fiercely and with no apologies. And this is how I discovered my truth and grew my dream...

As I child I started out as an avid truth teller, but when I started getting in trouble for telling the truth I became a very good liar.  Becoming a good liar seemed, at the time, to be an important skill, but as I grew older I realized that it was making me sick.

My first migraine was when I was 3 years old.  As a child, all I remember is wanting to get rid of the pain any way possible.  In the early years, I tried to smash it out, by slamming my head against the wall.  My poor mother had to hold me down in bed, with sheets tucked in very tightly, to try to stop me from smashing my head open.  Once I began to realize that smashing was only going to make it worse, I started to visualize the pain in my head and would make pathways around the pain, trying to avoid it.  I don’t think that worked very well either because I eventually discovered another way.

I wondered what would happen if I dove directly into the pain?  Looking at the pain straight on and trying to jump into the center of it, could it be possible?  Incredibly, getting into the core of the pain and looking around really helped me release the fear of the pain, and allowed me to embrace it and listen to the truth it was telling me.  The messages were enlightening.

I discovered my superpower of seeing the truth behind the lies, behind the pain.

By discovering that truth was hiding behind the pain I wondered why people were not able to see their own truth.  Why do we as humans feel that pain is a way of life?  Why do we lie to ourselves and to the people around us?  These questions propelled me on to the next leg of my journey; helping others find their truth.  And how come when we do find our truth sometimes we forget it?

Well, I did find my truth and then I lost part of it.  I lost it trying to battle the behemoth of public education.  Working as a special education teacher in public school made me forget part of my truth and eventually I became sick again.  This time is was called Hashimoto and Lyme’s disease.

So again I had to go on a journey to discover what truth was hiding behind my pain.  Part of this truth was that I had to jump off the cliff of the security of being a teacher and start working for myself.  It took me about three years to recover from trying to fit my circle peg into the square hole of public education.  I did it by diving into my pain, humbling myself and trusting that I could heal myself; all I had to do was listen to the message of my heart and body. When my heart and body don’t feel like I am paying attention, they like to throw me to the ground.  After spending a few years on the ground I have become very good at listening to my needs and desires.

What is your heart telling you to do?

Another part of my truth is to help others find their truth.  It took me a while to figure out how to tell people that they were living a lie and that is why they were experiencing chronic pain or chronic disappointment; most people don’t like to hear the truth, especially about themselves.  But I have fine tuned my skills and am now a truth archeologist; discovering the hidden truths deep within your body, disguising itself as chronic pain.

One of the tools I use is Craniosacral therapy; which allows me to find the pain in your body and to help you release it.  It is a truly powerful therapy that reaches the deepest levels of your body and soul in a nurturing, easy way.  It is so subtle that sometimes you can’t even feel what is happening.  Craniosacral therapy works on your nervous system by releasing restrictions and allowing it to flow smoothly.  When your nervous system is working effortlessly then your soul is free to express itself through your body, and amazingly your pain starts to diminish.

Truth and healing is a process that I am continually working on.  We all have to spend our lives finding our truth; what is the best choice for us in every moment.  I have learned that you have to have an intimate relationship with your body and soul in order to live a fulfilling life, filled with choices that you make out of your soul’s desires, not in reaction to your pain.

On my journey as truth finder I have passed through many experiences that have helped me to fine tune my truth finding skills.  I have traveled through as a Foster Care Caseworker, Special Education Teacher, Craniosacral Therapist, Parenting Coach, and Intuitive Coach.

Discovering that teaching was one of my superpowers.

I suppose it started when I became the oldest of 4 at the age of 3 1/2.  Four was the lowest amount of children in our home growing up; our house was the nest for many of our extended family and neighborhood kids.  At any given time there would be between 4 and 10 (or more) kids in our house and yard, and I was the oldest and usually the ring leader.  I didn’t realize how these experiences had affected me until I started to teach, and realized how easily it came to me to manage a rambunctious group of children.  I really excelled at being a teacher and loved the creativity of figuring out how to best teach each individual student.  Teaching was definitely one of my superpowers.  From working with many different children I started to realize that the moms were the ones that needed most of the support and healing.

The path to supporting babies and mamas.

While working on my master’s degree I had the opportunity to work with a group of mothers experiencing disability in their families.  These women shared how their circumstances affected their daily lives physically, emotionally, spiritually and as women.  It was then that I started my work with women; assisting them on their journey as people and mothers.  Facilitating the body and mind’s natural healing process is a passion of mine that continues to grow and evolve.

From my experiences of teaching and supporting mothers, as well as my bodywork and energy healing I started working with infants and mamas during pregnancy and post-partum.  I am lucky enough to live in the same city as Carol Gray, an amazing healer and teacher of Craniosacral therapy for infants, pregnancy and post-partum mamas, and have spent a decade soaking in what she has to share.  All of my experiences from childhood to the present have allowed me to find and strengthen my superpowers, and share them with the people that come into my life.  I appreciate all the opportunities I have to work with people, as I learn as much from them as they do from me.

I am here in service to you to reveal the message in your pain and support you on your journey to wellness.

The Specifics

MS Special Education, Behavior and Emotional Education

Graduate of East West College of the Healing Arts – OR lic #16525, WA lic# MA60778969

Advanced Training in Craniosacral Therapy and Myofascial Therapy – specializing in infants, kids, fertility, pregnancy, post-partum, chronic pain, migraines, auto immune disorders, and emotional release

Advanced Training as a Behavior Learning Specialist

Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist, Certified Infant Massage Teacher,